Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Guardian's Cryptic Contest - Feb 26, 2013

We've been lurking around The Guardian's cryptic blog lately. Dear Readers are invited to join us in crushing on Alan Connor:
Alan Connor
#hotguy #british

They run a weekly cluing contest in their comments section. G'head and judge us for our immodesty, but we srsly owned last week's contest. Answer: ESPERANTIC. As in "having the qualities of Esperanto."

Our clue (link):
  • William Shatner's Incubus looks bad, but funny (10)
    ((looks = PEERS) * anagram = ESPER) + (funny = ANTIC) = ESPERANTIC
[sing-song, quietly to self] Nailed it.

Incubus is available in its entirety via uTube (above). Speaking of owning, Shatner owns in this movie. Everyone else dumly phones in their lines, but Shat came to work. Premium vintage '60s Shat. cf Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. cf Nick of Time.


Time has passed and egos have cooled and in that time we have quibbled with ourself about whether we can refer to an actor in the possessive for a film he or she did not direct, but which he or she made. As in, "that rug makes the room; it really ties the room together." Is it properly William Shatner's Incubus and not Leslie Stevens's? Can we say "Tom Hanks's Forrest Gump"? "Charlize Theron's Monster"?

Mm. Yeah. It's a questionable quibble. We were perhaps too quick to quill a qlue.

Anyway. Supercrush Alan Connor wasn't into it. This week it's BAZONKA if you wanna get involved :)

<sidenote> The Wikipedia article for native speakers of Esperanto says:
This usually occurs when the parents meet each other at an Esperanto gathering but do not know each other’s native language.
which, omg, you guys. omg. Here, in the dry dispassionate style characteristic to the lead paragraphs of Wikipedia emergeth a recipe for love:
  1. Gather Esperanto enthusiasts in a room.
  2. Wait a while.
  3. Babies who are native speakers of Esperanto.
Yeah you could kinda say the same of any group of humans sure fine, but it gives us a special thrill to think that most (all?) native speakers of Esperanto are an equivalence class of children produced by love matches that were made across language barriers, and sparked at a nerd conference. </sidenote>

Don't hide your love. Don't make us go to the Esperanto gathering to find it. Leave a comment.

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